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Adopting technology

Mamprobi library computer lab (built in memory of Wilf)

Mamprobi library’s computer lab

The computer lab at the Mamprobi library has been a great help. It has given children the opportunity to learn how to type and how to use software on the computer.

Elizabeth Acheampong, National Service Personnel, Mamprobi Gale Community Library

Note: Mamprobi library’s computer lab honours the late Wilfried Venherm of Vancouver, Canada. Funding to build the lab was generously given by a Canadian donor.

When I started using the computer at the Kathy Knowles Community Library, Osu, I knew nothing. I now know how to play Scrabble, type Mavis Beacon*, create a folder, etc.

Ebenezer Osei (class 4), library member

*Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a program that teaches keyboarding skills.

When I come to the computer lab, I always learn what our teacher has taught us. I also learn how to type fast using Mavis Beacon, and how to set the time and date on the computer. We learn more at the lab than at school. It also helps me to do my class work at school because I have already learnt it at the library’s computer lab. Sometimes, we play Scrabble which helps me to know more words (the ones I don’t understand). The teacher (Uncle Enoch) helps me to get the understanding. Sometimes, when the lesson is over I don’t want to leave the lab.

Philip Boakye (class 6), library member

Enoch Adaletey, picture by Nyani Quarmyne

Enoch Adaletey, picture by Nyani Quarmyne

The first day I entered the computer lab, I was full of surprise. Mr. Enoch started by teaching us the components of the computer, how to turn on and shut down the computer, and he gave us some notes on it. After that he opened Mavis Beacon for me and he asked me to start typing. I was doing ‘hunt and peck’ which means searching for the keys to type.

We go to the lab twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Little by little I started knowing how to type words fast. We also enjoy playing Scrabble games on the computer which has really helped us. Sometimes, we find the meaning of the words we formed, we form sentences with some of them and sometimes we even write a story with the words. One thing I like about Mr. Enoch is that he takes his time to teach us.

I think the computer has helped us a lot. My first thanks goes to Auntie Kathy and my second thanks goes to Uncle Enoch for teaching us at the lab.

Georgina Agyei (SHS 1), library member

Before entering the computer lab, I knew nothing about ICT* but now I have learnt a lot. I understand the components of the computer, I can set the system date and time, and I can change the desktop image. I am doing well with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing which is helping my typing speed.

Robert Kofi Ghansah (Class 6), library member

*Information and Computer Technology

The computer has helped me in many ways. It has improved my spelling (through Scrabble). I think he should introduce us to more learning games. I now know how to type on the machine though I am not fast. I know how to control the mouse. It has also helped me to make a research in doing my homework by the help of Uncle Enoch. I say thank you and may God bless you.

Newton Amedzro, library member

My experience in the computer lab is that when I go I learn more about Information and Communication Technology. I learn more about the devices. I learn how to type on the computer. It helps us to do our homework and helps us to do research. I can now share or contribute in class during ICT period. I know how to create a folder and save a document in it. Thank you Uncle Enoch for teaching us.

Bernice Brown (JHS 2), library member

abigail_OseiI have got a lot of experience at computer lab. Firstly, I know the parts of the computer, their uses and even the grouping of the keys on the keyboard, setting the system date and time, changing the desktop image and even how set a screen saver. Secondly, my typing skills have increased through the help of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Next, Microsoft Office Word has also helped by improving my typing techniques, how to correct words which are wrongly spelled, and how to save a document. If it comes to ICT in my class, I do lead the class. This is the reason why I love coming to the library.

Abigail Osei (Class 6), library member

The first day I entered the computer lab, I was full of surprise because Sir Enoch was going to teach me how to type. He then asked me to sit and write my name, which I did. He took me through some few things I need to know before turning on the computer. Later he taught me how to set the system time and date. He then opened Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for me and he guides me to type. I was happy when I started typing. Now I am doing well with it. I am so happy.

Helen Hulfish,  literacy class learner

I am so happy to write to share my experience at the computer lab. I started less than a month now but I know the names of the parts of the computer, how to turn on and shut down the computer, and how to control the mouse. I am very happy about that.

Grace Gbellu, literacy class learner

 Picture by Nyani Quarmyne

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

I have learnt so many things from the computer lab since the time I started to learn;

  • Know how to set the date and time on the computer.
  • Know the various names of the parts of the computer. Namely: monitor, keyboard, system unit and the mouse. I also learn that you can add a speaker and microphones to the computer.
  • I can type with two hands when using Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.
  • I know how to use the mouse to draw images on the computer.
  • I can now type myself using Microsoft office word.
  • Etc.

Now I want to learn how to go on the net to search for information, work on it and to save it.

Rachel Otabil, literacy class learner