Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Financial Summary

OCLF’s fiscal year end is December 31st and financial statements are audited by Deloitte Chartered Accountants of Winnipeg, Manitoba. These are available upon request.

Annual information returns are available from Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

OCLF’s charitable registration number is 88 990 4264R0001.

All staff in Canada, including program director Kathy Knowles, are volunteers and this keeps administrative costs down. Administrative costs for 2015 are 4.5% of total expenditures.

2015 Expenses


4.5% Administration includes fundraising expenses and levies on grant applications.

66% Operations covers outreach programming (literacy classes and theatre activities), high school scholarships, Ghana staff expenses* (includes government health care insurance and transport allowances), and day-to-day maintenance and repairs of facilities.
*The majority of staff salaries are paid by local district assemblies and the Ghana Education Service.

5% Publishing includes OCLF-published books and those purchased from local and international sources.

24% Construction mostly refers to the finishing expenses for the Korle Gonno Community Library, Accra.