Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Granting scholarships

Since 2000, we have given high school scholarships to deserving library members. We are grateful to the Rotary clubs of Winnipeg, MB, and Kinston, NC, for their ongoing scholarship support for our Nungua library members.

TalataThe library has been a great inspiration in my life. Many people (children, adults – both young and old) are benefiting from me because of the wisdom and inspiration instilled in me by the library. Today I work as a trained Montessori instructor and attend school as a physician’s assistant due to the support and encouragement, love and affection that madam Kathy and other Canadians donors have given.

I will do anything within my power to protect and maintain the library for people, youth, my children and their children’s children. Thank you. Education is the key and I am happy that I am educated.

Talata Abomoi, scholarship recipient and now a literacy facilitator at the Nima Centre

I thank God and the Rotary Club for giving me a Rotary scholarship.  This has given me the opportunity to complete and graduate from senior high school.  This is how far God has brought me.  I am very grateful.

Christian Opmtan, scholarship recipient

Thank you for the scholarship. It has opened doors for me. Where I never expected to be I am there now, and I am very much grateful.

Angenu Leticia, scholarship recipient

Rebecca and her parents

Rebecca and her parents at the Korle Gonno library

The scholarship you gave me has really helped me. If it wasn’t for this scholarship I wouldn’t have continued my schooling. The scholarship has made me improve in my school and all I want to tell you is that GOD WILL RICHLY BLESS YOU!

Rebecca Tawiah, scholarship recipient

I would like to thank you for the scholarship scheme in the library. I am proud to say that I was one of the first students to enjoy the scholarship. That was what pushed us to senior high school.

Jeremiah Okutu, former scholarship recipient and now a Goi library staff member

The introduction of this scholarship has made it easier for students who are brilliant but do not have money to further their education. Thank you once again.

Alimo  Jonathan, former scholarship recipient and now a Goi library staff member

leticiaAt first, I didn’t know anything about the name LIBRARY. How could a five-year-old girl enter into someone’s house painted blue and white with flowers surrounding it? How could I?

I took courage and entered. Wow! What a wonderful place, filled with countless books, puzzles and games. I went home to tell my family and friends. They were amazed to hear and the following morning we gathered ourselves and headed there.

We went and we were asked to wash and remove our slippers. My friends said someone will take our slippers. The lady said no one will take them. I asked why do we have to remove our slippers and she told us to make the library clean. She explained that children sit on the floor for storytime.

We enjoyed the warm welcome. One day this lady told us that this house is called a LIBRARY. We asked her what a library was and she said a library is open to all children to study and to have fun and also to share the joy of reading. This lady read us nice stories like Curious George.

We later got to know that name of the library: Kathy Knowles Community Library. We loved this place so we started involving ourselves with the activities like the cultural dance troupe and drama club.

I completed junior high school and was volunteering in the library, teaching the literacy class and still joining the cultural troupe. One day, Aunty Joana called me and said, Leticia, you have a scholarship to senior high school. I was speechless. For some minutes, I thanked her but she said I am not the one sponsoring you but rather the Osu Library Fund.

By the grace of Almighty God I have completed successfully and am now working at the Nima Maamobi Gale Community Library. I love children and sharing the joy of reading and my best teaching experiences with the literacy students. I love this place, and I will always render my good services to all the children and librarians in every library.

Thank you Lord for giving Madam Kathy the love, kindness and passion to have the mindset to build libraries in and outside Ghana. We say Ayekoo. We love you and continue to instill the joy of reading in Ghanaian children. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. May all your good works be remembered and never fade away.

Leticia Quayson, former scholarship recipient and now a Nima library staff member

A scholarship scheme is available for needy but brilliant library students. Six students are always selected for each academic year to join. This had helped most kids to further their education to the senior secondary school.

Most of the scholarship students have finished university or training college. They formed a group called KINGSHOOD, which gathers each year to plan ahead and to see how best they will promote literacy in their community. A small party is organized each year by the KINGSHOOD members for the library kids. The club also gives scholarships to needy but brilliant students in primary schools. They also organize a clean up exercise every first Saturday in the month to help clean the library and the community.

Vivian Amanor, head librarian, Kathy Knowles Community Library, Goi

The scholarships given by the library are helping brilliant children who almost lost hope in education due to lack of funds. They now have the opportunity to smile again.

Elizabeth Acheampong, National Service Personnel, Mamprobi Gale Community Library