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Celebrating theatre

The annual Library Theatre Festival is always a highlight!

Performers from the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company, Nima

Members of the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company perform on stage.

I am motivated by the many young actors and dancers who look up to me for the right direction to develop and succeed. The biggest motivation has always been Kathy Knowles and her team of volunteers.

I pledge with commitment and passion to spend my time, knowledge and energy to work harder than before to make sure your efforts never go wasted. I wish I could do more but I am only trying and bit by bit, we shall get to the destination. May God grant us all, long life, strength, commitment, desire and wisdom to move along the path of the Osu Library Fund.

Evening performances at the Nima Centre always bring a large crowd

Evening performances at the Nima Centre always bring a large crowd.



Martin Adjei Legend, theatre director, Nima Maamobi Community Centre

Note: Since 2006, Martin has directed the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company [KKTC], a 60-member troupe with ages from 2 to 22 years. He is also a prolific playwright and promotes theatre in his community. Recently he joined the Osu Library Fund Board.

Aziz conducts a dance rehearsal at the Korle Gonno library.

Aziz (rt) leads dancers at the Korle Gonno library.

My role is to impact the African traditional dance with the youth of the next generation. I am pleading with them to take Ghanaian culture seriously because that shows who we are and where we are coming from. That makes us the real Ghanaians of West Africa from the great African continent.

Abdul Aziz Abillah, theatre director, Korle Gonno

AzizCommunity Library

Note: Aziz studied under Martin Adjei Legend following many years as a talented dancer and actor with the KKCL. In March 2015, he established the Kathy Knowles Theatre Works at Korle Gonno with 78 members ranging from 5 to 17 years.

dancerIt’s good for me to dance at the library. I like to dance to learn more from Mr. Aziz and to become a star in future. It shows that this library is a good library and I am happy that we all come and learn something. I know it will help us someday. Our dance teacher is very good and we all want him to be our teacher forever.

Ebenezer Commey, member, Kathy Knowles Theatre Works, Korle Gonno

Jeremiah 2The drama troupe gives us the chance to stand on big stages in other libraries. This makes us improve on our talent and also gives us confidence to talk in public. Thanks a lot.

Jeremiah Okutu, assistant librarian (and past performer), Goi

Live theatre draws an enthusiastic audience.

Live theatre draws an enthusiastic audience!

I would like to thank you for the drama festival that takes place every year. This really helps the children in Goi to develop their talents. With the help of rehearsals and training towards this annual festival, children who think they can’t do anything see themselves doing something, hence realizing their talents and developing them.

Jonathan Alimo, assistant librarian (and past performer), Goi