Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Creating a safe space

Sammy at his post.

Sammy waits at his post outside the library.

I keep all the things (bags and footwear) of the library users properly on the shelves.

I also give them tags with numbers on them to easily identify their things.

I ensure that children do not misbehave or disturb others who want to read.

I help to pack up and lock the library after the close of every day.

Sammy Baah, security man, Nima Maamobi Gale Community Library

Mr. Osubuttey always extends a gracious smile

Mr. Osubuttey always extends a gracious smile.

What excites me about working in the library is the joy of helping children cross the road to and from the library and being vigilant that all resources are safe and secured.

Emmanuel Osabutey, security man, Korle Gonno Community Library

Michael is always at the door to welcome visitors.

Michael waits at the door to welcome visitors.



I am very happy the Osu Library Fund is 25 years. We do lots of activities in the library like storytelling, cultural dance and so on. I work hard as a security man to support what goes on in the library.

Happy Anniversary; long live Osu Library Fund.

Michael Alornyeku, security man, Mamprobi Gale Community Library.