Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Encouraging art

Our libraries encourage and provide opportunities for arts and crafts.

Quilt made by children in Nungua for their new library (assisted by volunteer Molly Higginson)

In 2003, volunteer Molly Higginson and children from the new Nungua library made this quilt.

OCLF's book Crocodile Bread created the theme for a party. The book was read, crocodiles painted and bread enjoyed!

Library members enjoyed reading Crocodile Bread, painting crocodiles and then eating yummy crocodile-shaped bread!

A tree made from pieces of brightly cut out paper and newspaper.

Leticia holds a tree made from pieces of cut out paper and newspaper.

Beating a hand-made drum

Jennifer beats a hand-made drum at the Mamprobi library.

Slippers (flip-flops) decorated with buttons.

In April 2015, the Korle Gonno library held an exhibition which featured slippers decorated with buttons.

Woven baskets made from coloured paper and local materials

Librarians taught children how to make baskets from coloured paper and local fabrics.

Joyful lives

Theresa Kyerewa, from the Accra College of Education Community Library, decorated her poem with beads: “Birds are wonderful creatures. They can sing to give us joy. We all need to live joyful lives. Joy. Joy. Joyful lives we need.”