Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Involving parents

A thankful parent who remembers library visits from years ago.

Nathaniel remembers library visits from years ago.

The books Sister Joana, the librarian, selected for my children were so instrumental in raising my children to become useful and Godly children. Among the many books they read were books titled Values*. To me, they were fashioned after the Letter of Paul to the Galatians, values concerning kindness, honesty, faithfulness, joy, etc.  These values were illustrated in everyday events and happenings in the house, church and everywhere children live, play and work. They helped to shape their lives to be better citizens. Jemima is now a lawyer and Joel a mechanical engineer.

Nathaniel Ardayfio, parent to registered library members in 1994

* Value Tales, now out of print, is a series of biographies written for children by Dr. Spencer Johnson and Ann Donegan Johnson. Each one gives a fictionalized biography of a historical figure while at the same time illustrating the value of a positive characteristic.

On this 25th Anniversary celebration of the OSU Library Fund, we will like to thank the Almighty God for how far He has brought this library. We also congratulate the management, staff and members of the Kathy Knowles Community Library, Osu on this memorable day.

Happy Anniversary. Ayeeko!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Makata – Narhiorh, parents