Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Moving forward!

New horizons continually open as communities seek our help.

Moving forward!

Moving forward!

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are mindful of the balance of encouraging new growth while maintaining our existing libraries.

Sometimes our assistance is simply giving encouragement and guidance to a community seeking to promote literacy. On other occasions, we provide lay-librarian training and give book donations to deserving libraries. At the bricks-and-mortar level, we will only consider investing in infrastructure if there is a solid commitment from local government.

Amid any new initiative, we remain committed to keeping our current libraries well supported with exciting programs and helping our staff to grow in their roles, as they are the backbone and leaders of our organization.

Whether considering a new project or ensuring the success of our ongoing programs, our inspiration is anchored by the commitment and drive of those who come to our libraries.

Tina, a literacy learner, recently wrote this letter:

“I am a mother of four children. I lost my husband about eight (8) years ago. So I’m all alone with four children. I’m illiterate and I met a friend and he told me about the class. Because of not knowing how to read and write, I lost a lot of jobs. So when I hear this, I let the man brought me to the library. Now I started my a b c d and I’m so glad with that. Yours ever, Tina Grey.”

Martin Adjei Legend, our theatre director and newly-appointed board member of Osu Library Fund, our sister organization in Ghana, often reminds me that we are ‘moving forward.’

This is a reason to celebrate!

Kathy Knowles