Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Kathy Knowles Theatre Company 

The Company rehearses and performs in the Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre, Accra. For inquiries please contact Martin Adjei Legend at or call 024 409 1006 or 056 071 5320.

DSC_1090_288x150September 2014

The Obituary
by Martin Adjei Legend

November 2013

In the Chest of a Woman
by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe

June 2013

The company performed to honour Kathy Knowles, who had just arrived in Accra. The Nima Centre was packed, and the drums could be heard WELL beyond the walls of the Centre.

May 2013

Canadian Kathy Armstrong, who has introduced West African drumming to Canadian youth, brought a group of Carlton University students from Ottawa, Canada, to see a KKTC performance. She wrote, “I can’t tell you what an amazing afternoon we spent at Nima yesterday. Martin surpassed himself.  His show is incredible. The students are amazing. Having produced shows with kids for 25 years I know full well what needs to go into that sort of a production.”

August 2012 Annual Osu Library Theatre Festival

This festival, held annually since 2010, showcases the talents of members from seven OCLF libraries in the Greater Accra Region. The day features drumming, dancing – both cultural and more contemporary – and theatre. Martin Adjei Legend, the talented theatre director from the Nima Centre, coordinated the event.

July 2011
The Baobab Community from Ottawa, Canada, visited the Nima Centre. They shared their own Ghanaian dancing and cultural performances with the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company Ltd. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The Baobab Community generously donated funds and materials to the KKTCL and OCLF libraries.

March 2011

In the Chest of a Woman
by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe

September 2010

The Forbidden Sacrifice
by Martin Adjei Legend

Canadians Eric Rose and Tyler Sainsbury shared their expertise to bring the play to its fullest potential. This included pulley systems for scene changes!

June 2010

Darren Schemmer, the Canadian High Commissioner, Heather Johnston, his wife, and their son Peterson enjoyed a performance held in their honour prior to their departure from Ghana.Heather wrote, “Peterson was laughing so hard during the play he asked if we could ask them to do it again.”

April 2010

Wunmi Olaiya, a dancer, singer, songwriter, clothing designer and theatrical costume designer spent time at the Nima Centre teaching dance to the KKTCL. Wunmi’s energy and enthusiasm for dance inspired everyone!

December 2009

The Orphans of Qumbu,an African opera written by Michael Williams of South Africa, was performed on December 11th and 12th at the Nima Centre.

Martin Adjei Legend, Theatre Director: “This is a very important project for us. We are so proud and excited to be the first to introduce an opera production to our community. It is a privilege to work with Sophie Knowles. She has a great personality and is gifted in abundant talent.”
Sophie Knowles, Musical Director: “It has been a fascinating journey over the past five weeks gifted leaders. I will miss you. A big thanks to Martin Legend for taking up this new challenge and for sticking by me the whole way.
Aziz Abillah, Choreographer: “The Orphans of Qumbu is a nice opera… Come and watch the actors who act and sing marvelously. Their voices are heard clearly even when they are rehearsing. They listen to each other and are very focused in their roles, going with the rhythm of the drums. They are disciplined and respectful to their directors Martin Adjei and Sophie Knowles.”
Article by Aziz Abillah, choreographer for the KKTCL_Dec.2009

November 2009

KKTCL performing at the opening of the Ghana
International Book Fair, Accra