Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Partnering with others

We seek partnerships and support from local companies, organizations, and associations.

Osei Research Ltd., Accra, Ghana

Workers from Osei Reseach Ltd. painting wooden jig-saw puzzles.

Painting wooden jig-saw puzzles in 1991.

In 1991, we fortuitously met Madam Kathy Knowles who was establishing children’s libraries in Accra and some other towns in Ghana. We combined each other’s expertise to expand the range and scope of our puzzles, partly to feed her libraries and also sell to other interested parties. The mutual co-operation has remained active and fruitful to this day.

Isaac Osei, Managing Director, Osei Research Ltd.

Note: We have purchased hundreds of brightly coloured wooden jig-saw puzzles from Mr. Osei. Some of the original 30-piece puzzles remain intact after 25 years! Fixing (working on) puzzles is a favourite activity at all our libraries.

Sub-Saharan Publishers, Accra, Ghana

Akoss Ofori-Mensah of Sub-Saharan Publishers was the first to inspire Kathy Knowles to enter the exciting realm of publishing books for children.

Akoss and Kathy have travelled together to international book events in Bologna (Italy) , Santiago de Compostela (Spain)Lagos (Nigeria), Harare (Zimbabwe), Pretoria and Cape Town (South Africa).

A lifetime highlight for them was attending the 2002 formal dinner reception to celebrate Africa’s 100 Best Books of the 20th Century in Cape Town. Nelson Mandela was there to present the top honours, including Sosu’s Call, a book published by Sub-Saharan Publishers, and Desmond Tutu told the story of Fly, Eagle, Fly, an African tale, with such eloquence and child-like enthusiasm.

Akoss writes, “Kathy Knowles/ Osu Library Fund and I have had a lot of adventures. We have published the FATI books together which are very popular with children in Ghana. A crippled boy can now walk because he loved reading Sosu’s Call at a library and a filmmaker who noticed this paid for his surgeries. Ghanaian children love Kathy because she has introduced them to the joy of reading!”

Ghanaian Illustrators’ Association

Edmund holding See You Later, his most recent illustrated book

Edmund holds See You Later, his 3rd OCLF book.

Thank you for a gift much more valuable than gold or diamonds. Thank you for the gift of knowledge and wisdom. Congratulations for 25 years of sharing your special gift with the people of Ghana.

Edmund Opare, illustrator

Niki Daly reading from his book, The Herd Boy

Niki Daly reads from his book, The Herd Boy.

Note: In 2008, OCLF sponsored a illustrators’ workshop which included bringing South African illustrator Niki Daly to Accra. Edmund Opare, one of Ghana’s best illustrators attended.

Edmund has since completed three books for us and is now illustrating Nana and Me.

Donations from Ghanaian companies and service groups

Polytank donated by

Polytank donated by Mehek and Ashok Mohinani

Mehek and Ashok Mohinani of Polytank Ghana Limited have generously donated Polytanks to several libraries in the Greater Accra Region. Water storage is critical in Ghana as water may not flow from the pipes for months at a time. Our Polytanks also collect rain water harvested from library roofs.

Over the years, we have also received discounts and donations from a number of local companies and service groups. Each one is always appreciated!

Orthopedic Training Centre, Nsawam, Ghana

Sister at the shoe and prosthetic workshop.

Sister at OTC’s shoe and prosthetic workshop.

Congratulations to the Osu Children’s Library for 25 years of dedicated service. Your libraries have given children the opportunity to see the world through the books they read. I can only imagine the number of children who have benefited.

I am grateful to the library for introducing our children into the world of theatre; you gave the physically challenged the opportunity to perform and to realize that they too, like other children, are able to show their talents and be appreciated by others.

May your libraries continue to open the eyes of many other children so that they can develop into the persons they were meant to be. Again Congratulations!!

Sister Elizabeth SSND, Director, Orthopedic Training Centre, Nsawam

Note: Children from the OTC performed at the library’s annual Theatre Festival in August 2014. This 13-minute film records the event: