Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Promoting literacy

Literacy students studying their notes.

Literacy students studying their notes.

In 1994, we began our literacy classes. Since then, hundreds of adults have learned how to read and write. Reading and writing, along with gaining basic numeracy skills, enhances one’s self esteem and improves employment opportunities.

I thank you very much because of your idea that you brought to build a literacy class for the elderly and young people who want to improve on their reading habit or learn how to write. This 25th Anniversary will be a celebration and I praise God for your life. Amen. Happy 25th Anniversary!!!

Moses Kotoka, literacy class student, KKCL, Osu

HelenCongratulations to Osu Library Fund for celebrating her 25th Anniversary. Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!

I thank you very much for all the libraries you have built for us in Ghana, both for children and adults. It really helped us a lot. God bless you.

Helen Hulfish, literacy student, KKCL, Osu

Congratulation to Osu Library Fund on the occasion of her 25 years of founding.

The Kathy Knowles Library, Osu has been committed in promoting adult literacy for those within the community. The library continually reaches out to the community, which has really helped reduce the illiteracy rate in the Osu community.

I therefore commend the efforts of everyone who contributes to the adult literacy class and best wishes for many more years of success.

Mumuni Anaba, literacy student, KKCL, Osu

Literacy students at Akosombo Dam

Literacy students visit the Akosombo Dam.

Literacy students enjoy opportunities beyond the classroom. They have gone on excursions, attended concerts, heard presentations and taken part in art activities.

Volunteer literacy class teachers, often from Accra’s expatriate community, have helped tremendously over the years. Many have said it was their favourite experience during their stay in Ghana.