Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Reading lots of books

‘Sharing the joy of reading’ is our mission.

Jennifer with her mother, Joanna

Jennifer with Joanna, May 2015

Jennifer Kornu, the daughter of Joanna Felih, OCLF’s first librarian, is an avid reader and a true ‘library child’ as she grew up at her mother’s library.

She recorded the following message in May 2015:

Becky with Abigail and her father, Elisha

Becky celebrating Nungua library’s 10th year

I am Rebecca Elisha and a proud lady to be among the first six who started attending the Kathy Knowles Library in her house. I started I believe at the age of seven years. I always want to read, read and read more books. There is really joy in reading.

Rebecca Elisha, former library member

Note: Becky’s mother is Abigail Elisha, head librarian of the Nungua Community Library.

God bless the mother library for her good works she has impacted into her children. May she succeed and continue with the works she has started. May the good Lord bless you and the leaders of the Fund not forgetting the hard working staff, especially Osu library staff.

Happy Birthday! Happy 25th Birthday! Ayekoo!!!


Anna Pokua Anim, library member

Note: The ‘mother library’ denotes the fact that this library was the first freestanding library

Perpetua (right) with friends Jennifer (middle) and Akos

Perpetua (rt) with Jennifer (middle) and Akos

Congratulations, Osu Library Fund @ 25.

Thanks for supporting children through providing libraries, filling them with story books, creating learning facilities, promoting reading and writing and also making learning progressive.

God bless Osu Library Fund. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Perpetua, library member, KKCL, Osu

The library has always been a fun and learning place for me because I had the chance to learn a lot of things here. I am proud to say that I am one of the old members of the library and I will always hold the library in a very important role in shaping me and making me what I am today. Thank you very much. CONGRATULATIONS!

Francis Dotse, library member

Theresa with her buddy Jennifer.

Theresa (right) with her buddy Jennifer.

It is with a joyful heart that I rejoice with Osu Library Fund on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary.

Congratulations to the board of directors, staff and members of the library, not forgetting our wonderful donors who have contributed in diverse ways towards the growth of our dear library. It is my prayer that the good Lord will shower His blessings on the organization and that the sky will be your stepping stone.

Congratulations once again.

Mara-Theresa Makata-Narhiorh, library member and scholarship recipient

Lardi and Kathy have known each other since 1998. She was the first member of the Nima library.

Lardi and Kathy have known each other since 1998. She was the first to come to the Nima library.

The library is a fun place to be and full of reading books, games and puzzles. Librarians help children in  artwork, writing, reading and other activities to boost their academic field. Bright children undergo scholarships from the library. Dance & drama is also a key factor for art and theatre lovers, which is also educational and informative to children, students and the society at large.

Lardi Karima, former library member and scholarship recipient who also helped out with various libraries following the completion of her senior high school

Ben_2On the occasion of your 25th Anniversary, the members of the Kathy Knowles Community Library show our appreciation for the immense contribution in effecting positive change in the lives of many individuals far and near.

It’s been a worthy course … sharing the joy of reading and making friends. Much should not be said than to wish the Osu Children’s Library Fund more years of great success in achieving the ultimate goal of extending literacy to all Ghanaian communities.

Ben Osei, former library member and scholarship recipient

Georgina reading from The Blue Gate, an anthology of stories written by library members.

Georgina reads from stories written by library members.

Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!! Osu Library Fund, you are 25 years old. I wish you a happy anniversary. I also congratulate the teachers for the great work they are doing in shaping the lives of the children at the library and the community as a whole.

I give thanks to the Lord that the library is still there for us and which some of us are still patronizing. I say God richly bless you.


Georgina Agyei, library member and scholarship recipient

I am sure you might have forgotten who I am now. I have been living in the United Kingdom for the past seven years and I thought it wise to drop you a message to say a big thank you for the brilliant work you are doing in Ghana. I really benefited from reading the numerous books available like Curious George and others. I also use to enjoy fixing the puzzles in the library.

Paul Odjidja, former library member