Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Saluting Joanna

Joana_thumbprintSince we first met in 1990, Joanna Felih and I have worked as partners to develop the library project. This includes making numerous visits to libraries in Ghana – each time encouraging librarians, offering our support and learning new ideas.

In 2007, we travelled to Tanzania to instruct teachers living in rural areas how to start a library with a trunk full of books. In 2010, we went to Spain to receive the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award on behalf of Osu Children’s Library Fund. She has also hosted librarians from Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Benin and shared her experiences.

She is known as our ‘mother librarian’ and for a very good reason. Kathy Knowles

Note: When we correspond she signs as ‘Joanna’ and that is how I refer to her. In Ghana, her name is spelled with a single n. This means that throughout the website you will see different spellings depending on who is writing. Kathy Knowles

This video was recorded in May 2015