Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Starting in the garden 

Underthetree_correct.jpgeIt started simply with six children and a basket of books under a tree at 15 Osu Avenue in Accra. This little library grew as those children told their friends, and they in turn told others. Thus began the start of our 25-year journey.

METAMORPHOSIS: In Celebration of 25 years of the Osu Library Fund

1990: Under a mother tree in Accra
the birth of a new baby born, at the
spur of lilliputian voices, a tintinnabulation
of children’s voices, six in number, spring up
in the garden of books, as the mother Knowles
knows the heart beats of the children, reading
stories from the selection of books from a basket.
From the beginning, there was a wide airy
garden filled with neighborhood children, and the garden
filled with books transferred into the garage and the
garage became a mini-library, and the garage which
became a mini-library was transubstantiated into a
40-foot container library and then Kathy Knowles breathed
the breath of life into the container library on November 13, 1992
and then named it Osu Library after a street.
The baby that was born twenty-five years ago has
Metamorphosed into a flood of libraries, brightly littering
Several spots on the continent of Africa!


by Geoffrey Kwadwo Gyasi 

Note: Geoffrey is a librarian at the Korle Gonno Community Library and he enjoys teaching poetry to children.