Sharing the Joy of Reading with an African Child
for 25 years

Thanking our builders

Our team designs and constructs striking libraries that are well-built and functional.

Roger and Kathy at the top of the Nima Centre

Roger and Kathy stand on the upper level of the Nima Centre.

On this occasion of the 25th anniversary, I can’t help but to reminiscence about the great experience I have had with Kathy and the devoted librarians who tirelessly work to give the “Joy of Reading” to numerous kids.  As a Ghanaian-born Canadian architect, these libraries have blessed me with a rare and special opportunity to return back to my roots.

I first met Kathy through the Ghanaian community in Winnipeg. Early on, she asked me to review drawings for a potential library in Accra. I gladly agreed, and at the time had no idea of the wonderful relationship that would ensue. Since then, I have had the pleasure of designing three libraries – the Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre, the Accra College of Education Community Library, and the Korle Gonno Community Library. Kathy has been involved in every single step along the way, providing me with essential insight and support during this collaborative undertaking.

Seeing my designs have a meaningful impact on peoples’ lives brings a sense a satisfaction that I cannot express in words. Designing each library gave me an opportunity to instil a unique concept that reflected the character and demands of the areas in which the libraries were placed.

During my visits to these libraries, there is truly nothing more rewarding than meeting children and seeing the genuine love and belonging the libraries have brought to them. The children’s affectionate warm welcomes of “Akwaaba” and handwritten letters are a testament of their joy – a notion that deeply touches my heart.

The theatre group,  under the guidance of a young talented director, is an amazing group of performers. Their plays resonate throughout the community. It was both a treat and privilege for me to be invited as a guest of honour at one of their performances.

To all OCLF volunteers, supporters and librarians, I say a big THANK YOU for accepting me into your family and I wish you great success in the years to come.

Roger Amenyogbe, architect

Kojo Maclean on the 'Romeo' balcony of the Accra College of Education Community Library

Kojo Maclean enjoys the ‘Romeo’ balcony of the Accra College of Education Community Library.

I was first involved with the Mamprobi library. I prepared the cost estimate and later was involved with construction. I then moved to the construction of the Nungua library, and then to the Nima and Goi libraries. The next phase of my involvement was as a contractor for the construction of the Madina library and finally the Korle Gonno library.

I have enjoyed working and being part of the OLCF library family and especially working with Kathy Knowles, who I admire for her hard work and commitment to bringing literacy and education to Ghanaian children and others around Africa. I will say congratulations to OCLF on their silver anniversary and well done to Kathy Knowles for the great work she has done and continues to do in Ghana.

Samuel Kojo Maclean, building technologist

Bright, now a site foreman, is now for his exceptional d

Bright’s generous smile welcomes all who visit a library site.

My association with the Osu Library Fund goes back seventeen years ago when I started working as a mason. Now, I’ve graduated from being a mason to a foreman and supervisor for the construction of the libraries. So far, I’ve been associated with the building of six libraries. When I take a close look at any of the completed libraries, I feel so proud of myself.

And one major interesting addition to my work as a foreman is that, I can now make art works from tiles which I taught myself over the long period of time working for the Osu Library Fund.

Bright Asare, mason, foreman and artisan

Theophilus, wearing a white smock, is acknowledged during the opening of the Nima Centre.

Theophilus, wearing a white smock, is acknowledged during the opening of the Nima Centre.

This is a congratulation message from your own and only painter Theophilus to lift you high among women charity workers.

I have been with you since 1992 up to date and also learn from you such as neatness of painting work and your kind gesture to all mankind especially children of Africa.

I wish you long life and a healthy life shown to all. May God bless you and your family.

Congratulations to Osu Library Fund.

Theophilus Tsedey, painter

Gordon at his Trinity Metal Construction workplace

Gordon is always willing to take on a new job. This included making a sculpture at our Nima Centre!

For 15 years, I Gordon Okuley of Trinity Metal Construction have worked as a welder and fabricator for Kathy. I have strenuously and faithfully helped her in the setting up of library facilities in Nima, Legon and Korle Gonno, all in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

I thank God for such a faithful, selfless and dedicated woman. May God bless you and your family and increase you in strength. Amen.

All the best in your 25th Anniversary celebration.

Raymond installing a Mimi Cabri signboard at our library in Goi

Raymond Sewavi installs a signboard by Canadian artist Mimi Cabri at our Goi library.

Hello Miss Kathy,

Thank you very much for the way you care and think about me. In fact I have not seen a woman of your caliber, who will devote all her time to humanitarian services.

Once again I say God bless you and let all your dreams come to pass. God bless you.

Raymond Sewavi, tiler